I love that there are seasons in life.  Living in the Northeast, I am all too familiar with seasons…and the co-mingling of seasons.  Right now, it is technically spring, but we’ve had a bit of a cold snap.  In two weeks, it’ll probably be 110 with 100% humidity until October.

My life has very distinct seasons as well.  Solomon wrote about it in Ecclesiastes 3.  Honestly, the past season(s) have been really difficult…seasons of want, loneliness, walking through a dry desert.  I wouldn’t trade the hell I’ve lived for all of the money in the world, though.  When I am surrounded by friends, I appreciate them more after the desperate loneliness I expereinced.  When I am able to do something as simple as buy a friend a cup of coffee, I am thrilled because it was not too long ago that I couldn’t buy myself a pack of gum.  

I seem to be entering into a season of prosperity.  Many of the people who disappeared during the tough times have reappeared.  Long-forgotten friends are appearing in the most obscure, unexpected places.  Friendships forged during the fire of the past few years are proving more valuable than gold.  The Bible says in Joel 2:25-27 that God will restore what the locusts have stolen.  I’m seeing that in just about every area of my life.

I don’t write these things to boast.  If you’ve read my blog over the past year (or three) I’ve been extremely transparent about my difficulties in every area of my life.  For me, this new season–in which I am still trying to find my sea legs–is not a testimony to my abilities but rather to God’s goodness.  

I don’t believe in coincidences.  I don’t believe in chance.  I believe that every person I know has a purpose in my life, and I believe that I have a purpose in their lives.  I believe that if you are reading this rambling blog, that God himself directed you to this page.

Please be encouraged if you are going through a rough season in your life.  I know it’s tough.  I may not know the exact circumstances, but I’ve walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  In God’s time, the green pastures will come. I don’t say that as a trite Christian cliche.  Frankly, those make me vomit and die a little inside.  I say that the green pastures will come because I’ve experience it firsthand.  Hold on.  Don’t let go.  If you need encouragement, hit me up via email:  missdeneen at gmail dot com.  Apparently I’m quite good at encouragement.

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