Puzzle pieces

God has a sense of humor.  I really think that He sits up there, waiting for me to talk, so that He can laugh at me.  

I had a tough week regarding two companies for which I worked this week.  One of the companies never sent me tax information, so I’ve been avoiding getting my taxes prepared.  Turns out that there’s a way around someone who’s being deceitful.  Who would’ve thunk it 🙂

The other company frustrates me because they keep doing the same crazy things that drove me away last year.  It shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but I have friends who are affected by the illogical, irrational decisions that are being made.  On Thursday, I received an SOS email from a friend who still works there, and I had survivor’s guilt.  I actually felt bad for working in a great situation, for having escaped the turmoil.

These things make me ask the question, “why?”  Yesterday, I think I may have received one answer.

I got out of work early, and I was craving some Korean food.  So, I stopped at my favorite Korean restaurant in South Jersey.  The owner and I are facebook friends, so we sat and talked for a while over my cold, spicy buckwheat noodle soup and banchan.  After our conversation, I understood another reason that I’ve worked for the last two companies.  One of them gave me a love of Korean food and culture.  The other caused me to find this restaurant (on my birthday last year) and led to the conversation yesterday.

I cried out to God, “Why?”  He smiled and answered me.

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