My love affair

Joel 2:25-26 has been something on which my heart has been set for so long.  So many have promised me that God would restore what the locusts have stolen.  I’ve smiled, nodded…but I’ve not really believed it.  You know what I mean…I believed it, but I didn’t believe it in the depths of my soul.

This morning, I found myself up.  Early.  Looking foward to going to work.  Yeah.  You read that right.

I love my job.  I may still be in the honeymoon period, but I am really enjoying what I am doing.  I work hard.  When I got into the car tonight, I was exhausted.  My brain, at one time, was exhausted from atrophy.  Now, my brain is exhausted from use.  I am learning a lot about business…and how to set up a great business vs how to set up a good business.

Tomorrow I am packing my lunch and heading to the waterfront.  I walked to a small store today and was struck by so many juxtapositions that I observed.  I was in the middle of a city, but there was no traffic.  I could see the fifth largest city in the US–Philadelphia–while in one of the poorest, most dangerous cities in the nation.  There is a discernable boundary between those who work in Camden and those who live in Camden.  I’m not talking about the part of Camden that is being gentrified to the detriment of the indigenous people.  I’m talking about the part of Camden that most caucasian people would not visit unless they were there to purchase illegal drugs or to solicit a prostitute.

You see, I have a love affair with Camden.  My heart was broken and captured by the city what seems like a lifetime ago when I was volunteering weekly in North Camden.  I met some of the most beautiful, loving, amazing people living in one of the most frightening parts of this country.  I will never forget one of the men that we met.  He was fixing up his house, and he looked me in the eye, dejected, asking me why a big flooring company in our area wouldn’t deliver to him.  How could I answer him?  I remember hanging blinds in the home of the sweetest woman on the face of the earth.  She didn’t have much by most people’s standards, but in my opinion, she has more than I will ever have.  I cannot shake the wailing of the family whose son, father, uncle was found dead in their living room shortly before we arrived to clean up the neighborhood.

I work in the most amazing city in the world.  For an amazing company.  I keep waiting for reality to set in.

God has restored what the locusts have stolen.  And I believe that He is in the process of restoring my life like He did Job’s.  I don’t know why.  I just know it in my knower.

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