Dipped my foot into the ocean

Today I took a trip to Cape May, NJ.  I wanted to dip my feet into the ocean, and I wanted to see a lighthouse.  I’m a simple woman, really. 

Today as I was standing with my toes in the Atlantic, I felt like I touched eternity.  The sun has been beating down on the earth since the beginning of time as we know it.  The oceans have been crashing into the beach almost since the beginning of time.  And today, August 4, 2008, I touched that constancy.  My feet felt the coolness of the ocean, my shoulders the tinge of the sun.   

I hope that I never live more than an hour and a half away from the ocean, driving.  Being near the ocean makes me peaceful.  Being near the ocean, I can hear more clearly.  I can see more clearly.  I see myself more clearly than I can anywhere else.  I love watching people interact with the ocean…kids thinking that they can outwit the waves, predicting the force with which they will crash into land; adults cajoling or forcing their children to love the ocean as much as they do; men and women sunning themselves like reptiles, coated in sunscreen. 

I would’ve been much happier, though, had I not encountered that…rather chubby man who thought it would be a good idea to wear a speedo.  Seriously…I have an active imagination.  Can you please leave something for me to imagine?

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