Nick update

I went to see my nephew yesterday in the hospital.  He’s in the DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE.  He’s recovering from his surgery well.  Last night he ate for the first time since the surgery.  Today they took out his catheter, and he is eating everything he can.  He specially requested “meat,” so meat it shall be.

While they were putting him under, they had to pull one of his front teeth because it was wiggly.  The doctors brought the tooth out to my sister, in a jar, with $2 because the tooth fairy had visited.  I think that is the cutest thing ever.  Seriously.  My nephew, though, being the skeptic that he is, insisted that the doctors actually gave him the $2.  Personally, I think that he was extorting more money from her, but she aquiesced and gave him more money.  I mean the tooth fairy visited and gave him more money.

Anyway–the little guy is coming home tomorrow.  Thank God.  It’s too quiet around here!

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