Is it football season YET?!

OKAY.  I have a confession to make.  I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND.  I need football season to start.  Like yesterday.

My aunt works for a hotel that hosts one of the NFL teams for their preseason camp.  She’s been telling me stories about the players.  Since she knows NOTHING about football and can barely recall the players’ names, she is DRIVING ME INSANE.  It’s like an NFL tease.  She is leaving the hotel this Sunday, so I am trying to convince her that she should let me come up to stalk hang out in the hotel so that I can, you know, say hello to the players.  I mean, what are they going to do?  Fire her?  She already quit.

Fortunately for the hotel industry, and unfortunately for me, my aunt has integrity.  And she refuses to even ask for an autograph for me.  It’s infuriating, really.

In all seriousness, preseason games start soon.  But the real action doesn’t begin until September 4–which I consider an early birthday present since my birthday is Sep 5.  I wish the Patriots were playing instead of the dumb Giants (hehe) but what can I do?  I’ll still be sitting in front of the tv, beer & wings closeby, cheering like a mad-woman.

I am some man’s dream woman.  I cook.  I clean.  I love football Heck.  I have a CATEGORY of blogs dedicated to football 🙂

8 thoughts on “Is it football season YET?!

  1. 3 CHEERS FOR MY GIANTS! I may have to invite you to Club Thompson to watch the first real game & to see me be a lunatic in all of my glory! I love football as much as any man too…we were destined to be great friends, I can feel it! 🙂

  2. Anne..I don’t know if I can handle the emotional torture of the wrong team playing on thursday night with a fan of that wrong team 🙂

    However, if you offer me a beer of any type, I’m sure I could easily change my mind…I’m a pretty inexpensive date…

  3. LOL…I’ll go easy on you…ok, that’s a complete lie…but I love you!

    I will offer you beer…the offer is out there NOW…& I only buy expensive beer…only the best for my beer drinking buddies!!!

    Seriously…is a Niners fan talking smack??? I won’t hold it against you, Mike…GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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