Fear, the series

As I watch the news, peruse the internet, read blogs, converse on the state of the economy, I see, smell and taste fear.  Everyone is worried that the economy is going to bottom out.  People fear the election coming in November—not to mention the person that is chosen to govern the US.  People fear that the salmonella breakout is terrorism, the no-faced people from the other side of the world trying to kill off all Americans.  People fear the rise of the gas prices, the current war in the Middle East and that war may break out between Israel and Iran.  People have rubrics, research and graphs to justify their fears.

If you look more closely at individuals, there are other fears that hinder our everyday lives.  Or maybe just mine.  This week I am going to be naked before you (on emotionally…you’re welcome!) laying out some of my fears. 

I am working through these things…slowly but surely.  What is frustrating to me is that I thought that I long ago conquered some of these things.  But the reality is that they creep in every once in a while like weeds in a garden.  The reality is that overcoming fear is a constant battle.  A battle worth fighting, but a battle nonetheless.

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