The Reason of God

I finally cracked open The Reason of God by Tim Keller.  I bought it months ago, but last night I started reading it. 

Knee jerk reaction:  I like it.  I don’t get the idea that he is trying to push his church down my throat, or his ideas down my throat.  He seems, thus far, to be presenting a logical discussion of the arguments against Christianity.  It is tenable for the average person but heady enough to keep an intellectual interested.  I like books that find that balance. 

I remember when I came to a place in my adult life where I needed to make a decision about what I believed.  it wasn’t simple for me.  I asked a whole lot of questions, most of them unanswerable to those I asked.  The first time I felt intellectually stimulated by a church was when I took my first theology class.  My pastor at the time asked questions that I had burning deep within me that I didn’t realize were there.  He was talking about theories of creation and evolution. 

Evolution is one explanation about how humans became what we know as humans today.  The Big Bang Theory explains how a whole bunch of rock and gas somehow became the solar system and the universe.  But what none of these theories answer is where it all came from.  How did the cosmic goop come to being from which the amoeba turned into humans?  Where did the rocks and gases come from?  Basic laws of physics say that for every action there is an equal action.  So, where did everything come from?

I don’t have all of the answers.  The older I get, the more I am aware that I don’t know much. 

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