Mixed messages

So, I stayed home today because I am not feeling well.  It’s mostly allergy related, but I thought that it would be wise to stay home & see the doctor so that I didn’t allow myself to get to the point that I would be in bed for a week with an unnecessary infection.  I got a shot to stay off the infection, some antibiotics, a prescription for an x-ray for my ankle.

Last week I called out, and I got in trouble for calling the HR department instead of my “direct line manager.”  So today, I sent my “direct line manager” a text letting her know that I wouldn’t be in the office because I was going to the doctor.  This afternoon, I check my email and in my inbox I find a message admonishing me for not letting anyone know that I was going to be out. 

I really don’t do well with mixed messages.  Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it.  If I do it, please don’t tell me I’ve not done what you want me to do.

I am getting more and more frustrated as the days go on.  Linkin Park must’ve had me in mind when they wrote the song, “One Step Closer.”  Every day, I find myself one step closer.

One thought on “Mixed messages

  1. i stayed home today too…it was a mental health day though…perfect day for it!! hope you feel better soon! xoxoxo

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