Challenging conversation

Today I had a challenging, interesting, invigorating conversation with a woman about creationism, evolution, adaptation.  I’ve wrestled through so many of the issues that turn people away from Christianity…such as the issues that I discussed with my friend today.  I didn’t just believe.  I needed proof.  Do I understand it all?  No.  Will I ever?  Probably not until I meet my Maker face to face.  But…I believe.  And I know that there are things that have yet to be revealed to me.  I cannot wrap my head around all that God is.  But I like the part that I know.  Most of the time.

Did I mention that I was spoiled today?  I got my toes prettied up.  It took me a while to relax.  I have to admit.  I like being pampered.  Next up:  massage 🙂

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