Does anyone have a book to translate man-language?

man-and-woman.jpgI’ve been spending a lot of time with men lately.  I work in the dental field, and in my field, I work with a lot of men.  One night recently, I had dinner with three dentists and my boss.  My family joked about me being on a hot date.  I laughed and told them that I really don’t need to date because I have four husbands. 

Men joke a lot about women, and I get asked a lot of questions that seem off-the-wall to me.  They are pretty comfortable with me, so they tell me stuff that they probably don’t tell the average woman that they meet or work with.  All of this is great…but it leaves me wondering.  A lot.

Many books have been written about the mind of the woman.  You know the stuff.  “When she says this, she actually means this.”  The question that I have is this.  Where are the books that explain to women, “When he says this, he actually means this?”  I need one of those books so that I can read the men with whom I work. 

So, if any man wants to write that book, please let me know.  I would be happy to edit it for you.  Gratus. 

2 thoughts on “Does anyone have a book to translate man-language?

  1. There are no books to the likes of which you desire. If such a book were ever published, it would hold a resemblance closer to that of a “pop-up” book than an actual, “self-help” book. I’m sorry if that bursts your bubble. But if I can leave you with a quote from one of Frank Black’s comedy routines:

    “With men, their minds are only on two things: sex and food. So, if they’re not walking around with an erection, make him a sandwich.”

    Somewhat crude. But you get the point. Men are inherently simple. For the most part, we say what we mean. And if we say something confusing, chances are, we are confused with the situation to begin with, and don’t know exactly what to say.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Mike…what you’ve told me here is definitely what I’ve heard from my male friends. I guess that, being the woman that I am, I am simply over-complicating things. Shocking, I know. Haha…

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