I don’t know whether to write about my personal life, my work life or politics.  So much going on, so little writing has happened…here’s the cliffs notes version.  I’ve not written because I’ve had a bad attitude.  And honestly, I don’t want to write angry messages. 

Personal life
Bad attitude.  If I had to encapsulate my life, that would be the phrase that I would use. 

Yesterday, on my commute, God spoke to me.  (He’s much more interesting than Preston and Steve, though they are highly amusing.)  He reminded me of Joseph.  He did nothing to warrant being sold into slavery by his brothers, sent to prison not once but twice.  His friends forgot about him when they left prison, but still Joseph kept with his good attitude.  Eventually, he was released from prison and raised to the second highest position in Egypt.  And he saved his family in the process by giving them food. 

Lately, I’ve felt as if I am in prison.  But yesterday, God spoke to the situation.  My function in this whole situation in which I find myself is to have integrity and a good attitude.  Integrity I’ve had, for the most part.  God attitude, not so much.  So, for the past two days, I’ve walked in a good attitude.  I’m trying with everything within me to have a good attitude.  When I perceive that I’m being wronged, I think about Joseph and all of a sudden, it seems like I have a pretty good life.

This weekend I’m going to church, too.  I’m having lunch afterward with a friend.  Whatever it takes to get my butt in church.  Though…I did “attend” lifechurch.tv last week.  Craig Groeschel’s sermon rocked my world.  I fully plan on attending Saturday night’s online service.  I love the innovation of that church.  However, I do need to be around people.  So, I’m going to do both for a while.

Work life
Work is a roller coaster.  One day, it seems that I’m on top of the world and I’m poised to do great things with the company.  Other days, it seems like noone really knows what is going on, and noone has any control of what is going on.  The company is growing.  There are a great number of opportunities to be had.  But…for the great numbers of opportunities and the quick growth, there is a massive need for patience.  And that is NOT one of my virtues.  It is not the fruit of the spirit that comes easily to me.  I am impatient.  If you tell me that I can have something, I want it NOW, not in two months, four months, six months.  So, I suppose that God is working patience into me through my job. 

Apparently, what was promised to me will come to fruition.  In a few months, after I train the two people who will replace me.  At first, I was completely flattered that it will take two people to replace my position.  Now…it’s less flattering.  Because I have to train the people.  But I like to train people, so…yeah.  I’m tough to please right now.

Apparently, the candidates that I support become politically irrelevant.  I wish that I had supported John McCain.  But no.  So, now I’m keeping my mouth shut.  It’s going to be a very interesting political season.  I’m hoping that my guy pulls ahead…or at least doesn’t leave the race limping.  It’s not looking so good.  (Speaking of politics, so begin the ads.  Super Tueday is in a few short days here in NJ.  I LOATHE political ads, for the record.  All lies as far as I’m concerned.)

Well, gotta watch American Idol.  So ends deep thoughts by Deneen.  😛

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