Creativity found…

Today I worked.  I’ve been juggling a lot of tasks recently.  Today, I dropped a few balls.  It’s good to do every once in a while, to remind myself that I am human and imperfect.  I don’t like dropping balls.  I don’t like not being on the top of my game.  No matter how many lists I make, tasks I tick off, I cannot seem to keep everything straight.  I hope that we hire someone to take on half of my work.  Soon. 

I found some of my creativity.  Today I realized another reason that my creativity has been stifled.  When you are creative, you have to be aware of your emotions.  You have to feel.  I’ve been trying not to feel, not to emote.  Today I attempted to put my experience down on paper in verse, and I found myself disoriented.  I actually cried on the way home.  It’s good to get my emotional lines declogged.  But crying and the Skuykill Expressway don’t mix too well.  I lived to tell about it, so….yeah.

Oh yeah…emoting is tiring as well.

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