Choices we have

This morning, I had an embarassing experience.  Seriously embarassing.  I went to get coffee at my favorite coffee shop, and I had insufficient funds in my account.  I’m not good with finances, I’m the first to admit.  However, I’ve had amazing self-control over the past week.  I purposed to not spend a lot of money so that I don’t squander what little cashflow I have.  A co-worker (who started yesterday….even more embarassing) paid for my coffee and we were on our way back to the office.

You see, a parking lot where I parked for six months, didn’t take payment from my checking account for three months.  THREE MONTHS.  I called the accounting guy for the company, and begged, pleaded my case.  I asked him what he expects me to do, since he took all of my money at once.  He told me that it’s a personal problem that I need to deal with.  I was livid. 

I have a choice.  I can rant and rave against the parking lot.  I could dispute the charges (falsely) and get the money back for instant gratification…I could live outside of my means for the next two weeks, and eventually pay the charges anyway.  Or I can realize that this is a personal problem.  I should be taking better care of my finances.  I should have known. 

So, for the next two weeks, I am going to be a brown bagger.  And I’m going to drink the coffee I make at the office.  There are people in the world who have nothing.  Who am I to complain that I’m broke when the $3 in my bank account still ranks me among the richest in the world?

3 thoughts on “Choices we have

  1. you’re a far better woman than i am…i would have ranted!!! & pouted & screamed…& THANK GOD for new co-workers…no coffee??? i’ve been eating play-off leftovers all week…i over cook & over spend! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reality check. Grab a bottle of flavored creamer and the office coffee will be much more bearable. Good Luck!

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