Small reminder

OK.  I have to admit it.  I know that there are people are complaining about how mundane American Idol is…how it’s the same thing over and over.  However…I enjoyed it.  One of the guys looks like one of the guys from our NY office.  HILARIOUS!  I had flashbacks from that night in NY that involved soju and karaoke.  Whew.

Today I had a therapy session with my barista.  It’s the second time that I was in the coffee shop that I was told to look up…to be who I am, to be true to who I am.  How is it that, though I have a relationship with the living and vibrant King of kings and Lord of lords, I have to be reminded that He is all that I need.  Sometimes I want to punch myself in the head.  But…it is in those gentle reminders that I find the peace that surpasses all understanding.  God has a way of speaking to the deepest places in my heart through the most unexpected sources.

Well, I have to catch some shut-eye.  6AM comes early.  And since we’re expecting that exciting Delaware Valley phenomenon–the wintry mix–I should get some extra rest. 

I would like to know how we can justify “global warming” when Atlanta is getting snow?  (Please forgive my blatant jealousy…lol)


2 thoughts on “Small reminder

  1. You can have all the snow that we got last night…It was pretty as it was falling, but as we all wake up this morning, it is GONE. How many days till Summer?


    Do you think that I should change my name to furnace pastor, because I don’t like cold weather?

  2. Haha…we got the snow anyway 🙂

    No…I think that you need a chill personality if you are going to live in the inferno that is the south. With all of that humidity and heat during the summer…I’d have heat stroke, being so high strung and not chill.

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