world-map.jpegToday I had coffee with a friend I’ve not seen in I can’t tell you how long.  It was refreshing to reconnect with her.  She is studying linguistics and will be heading to France to study the french language in anticipation of heading to Africa in two years.  Wow.

Talking to her reminded me of all of the dreams that God has placed in my heart.  I need, NEED, NEED to get out of South Jersey, to get out of the US to do something.  Thinking about going on mission, living my life on mission makes my heart race. Something inside of me refuses to be settled, content, as I live my life here, working a 9-5, making a real difference in noone’s life.  I like being employed.  I like my car, the things that I have acquired.  I like having the freedom to take care of the things I need to take care of.  But…the constraints of the 9-5 take away other freedoms for which I yearn.

I’m not quitting my job.  I’m just airing what is going on in my head at the moment.  I know that God has called me to be his full-time ambassador.  But…at this moment, this particular moment in time, I cannot see, in front of me, progress toward that.  But…faith is being certain of what cannot be seen by the naked eye.  SO…right now I must stand in faith, preparing for that which I cannot yet see.

One thought on “Faith…

  1. reading your post 2 songs came to my mind, the first, I walk by faith, each step by faith, to live by failth, I put my trust in You. the second, come Holy Spirit, fall fresh on me, fill me with Your power, satisfy my needs. Your love, makes me strong, gives me strength to carry on, come Holy Spirit, fall fresh on me…

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