Reading goal for 2008

old-books-thumb.jpgI’ve done a lot of thinking since I posted about living and working in an intellectual vacuum.  Whom do I have to blame but myself?  Sooooo…..I’ve decided that I am going to set a reading goal for myself for 2008.  I would like to read 50 books.  I’m going to read some pleasure books…chick lit, Jane Austen.  But I also have some academic books lingering on the bookshelves from my few weeks of seminary 🙂  Last night I started reading The New Testament: It’s Background and Message.  I’m also in the process of reading The Starbucks Experience and The Dip.  I figure as long as I keep moving back and forth from book to book, I’ll challenge my beady little head AND keep interested in the subject material.

Does anyone have a suggestion for books that I should read to expand my brain or to chill my brain?

4 thoughts on “Reading goal for 2008

  1. Nice goal…50 books is a lot…I could read 50 books if they were all Dr. Seuss!!

    There is so much out there today, you will not have any trouble finding the 50 that suit your fancy. Biff told me that you boy Belichick has a book out. Have you read it?

    Blessings from very very very cold Georgia..


  2. Short books that are on my bookshelf:

    The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence

    Anything by Jim Davis (Garfield)

    The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torrey

    Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would A Fresh Christian Approach by Chad Thompson

    Pollution and the Death of Man – The Christian View of Ecology by Francis A. Schaeffer (1970)

    Till We Have Faces – C.S. Lewis

    Deliverance to the Captives – Karl Barth

    Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller

    The Gospel According to Peanuts – Robert Short (1964)

    50 books is a book a week!

  3. You know I love a good book! Francine Rivers is one of my favorite christian fiction authors and any of her books would be good for chilllin’ the brain. As for expanding the brain, John Maxwell has a ton of books but there are a few that stand out above the others (as far as I’m concerned) Running With Giants, Be All You Can Be: A Challenge To Stretch Your God Given Potential, Life@Work:Marketplace Success For People Of Faith or perhaps a book that teaches a skill like Sign Language or something like that. Then again, you can always read the book of John, or Mark, or Luke or Acts, etc…
    Love ya,
    Briggie ^i^

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