Hello Blogland

Wow.  It’s been a while.  I’m a blogging slacker these days 🙂  I just wanted to write before I heard how long its been since I blogged…or perhaps I think more highly of myself than I should…lol

The silence is not due to a lack of something to say.  It’s not that there is nothing going on.  It is kind of because I can’t really talk about what is going on.  I kind of feel like I work for the CIA or something…secrets abound, but if I tell you I have to kill you…or I will be killed…or maybe I’m being dramatic because it’s after 11 and I’ve not slept too much because of “asthmatic bronchitis.”  That is doctor-ese for “coughs all day and night and cannot catch one’s breath.”

On a more serious note…a God note, if you will.  There is something for which I have been praying for a while.  It seems that God has answered my prayer.  This prayer that He has answered is good in the short run…I already find myself more fulfilled.  It is also good in the long run…I can see how I will be able to use the training that I will receive, in the long run, for His good…to advance the Kingdom.  God has always given me huge vision…never has it been on a small scale.  This thing is huge.  It will absolutely take up a huge chunk of my time, but in the end, it is worth it.  So, please be patient with me over the next few months…and pray for me…and pray that I learn the lessons that God is teaching me through this opportunity.  I am a bull-headed German/Italian, so sometimes I have to walk around the mountain several times, knocking my knees on the same rocks and my head on the same branches before I learn the lessons.

I am heading off to The Big Apple this weekend for five days for work.  I will be attending a big dental meeting, the Greater New York Dental Meeting for the weekend.  Check out the website if you want to laugh at me or if you are bored and want to see what my life is like.  Somehow I don’t think I’ll make it to the celebrity luncheons, though as I walk the streets of NY, maybe I’ll see someone famous.  Haha.  If you are a dental or involved in the dental world, come see me at Booth 3220.  I’m looking for friendly faces.  I’m working in the middle of our massive booth…we can have coffee and bagels in the morning and popcorn in the afternoon 🙂  I’ll chat your ear off about Dental Implant Traning.  Exciting stuff.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving a bit more now that I know I’ll be out of town for five days.  I spend so much time wanting to be away, but now that I am facing a lot of travel next year (for work) I’m kind of wanting a nest.  My niece and nephews are giving me a lot of slack for going away.  Soon they will expect me to buy them gifts on the road 🙂  (Or maybe that is what I should do since I am a good aunt.) 

Tomorrow night I am going out, kids.  It will be nice to let my hair down for a bit.

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