I am excited.  Tomorrow our marketing department (one person) is moving into my office.  This is exciting because when all of the new managers go to their cities, I would be left alone in my office while our manager and sales reps are in the field.  So, good stuff.

God’s timing is so frustrating.  I wish that my time and his time were on the same schedule.  But…it seems that I want to run ahead of what He wants to do.  So, I stop, take a breath, and listen to what He is saying.  It seems that He is saying to slow it down a bit.  Just keep doing what I am doing.  Follow through on what you started.  So, I wait.  I keep on keeping on. 

I am going to try something.  I’ll call it a pseudo-experiment.  I am just going to enjoy the ride for a while.  The one thing that I know that is that everyday I am one day closer to the desires of my heart.  And, if I were to take a moment each day, I would see that everyday He is giving me the desires that He has placed in my heart.  It is a matter of perspective.

So, I wait, for You, Lord.  Show me daily more of who You are.  Father, my prayer is that everyday there would be less of me and more of You.

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