I’m leaving….on a jet plane.

In two days, I’ll be almost to San Diego.  I don’t think I’ve ever needed a vacation as much as I need this vacation.  Seriously.  I’m losing command of the English language.  I can’t complete sentences.  It takes me a few minutes to finish thoughts.  I am being physically affected by my exhaustion. 

But, on Thursday, I’m going to be chilling.  I may tour some local wineries.  I may take a two hour tour of the bay.  I may walk in the Gaslight district.  I am definitely going to sit at the beach and witness a Pacific sunset.  Just talking about the possibilities makes my muscles relax.

The best part about this:  I’m going back to CA 15 days after I return home for work.  I’m going to work like a dog when I’m out there for work, but it’s still NOT Philadelphia.  So, I’m going to pretend that I’m on a mission trip when I’m out there.  Heck.  My job is like a mission trip.  A permanent mission trip.

Feeling better.  Thank God for that.

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