Just call me Doc. LOL

I think that work is taking over my life.  It is eating away at the little bit of a personal life that I have.  That’s a funny thought…me having a personal life.  Today I was joking with the people I work with.  In Korea, many of the people who work for our company wind up getting married.  It actually happens a lot in churches as well…you spend so many hours together that people wind up attracted and hitched. 

The good thing is that because I am so busy, the days are flying by.  Today I learned how to use the drill.  I placed three implants into a block jaw.  I am a natural.  If church planting and working in the training center do not work out, I can always go to dental school.  As long as I only ever have to perform “surgery” on a wooden block mandible or maxilla. 

So, from here on out, I expect to be called Dr. D.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Well, I have some work to do so that I can have some retail therapy in a little while.


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