Family stuff

Once again, we’ve got family issues.  My aunt left her abusive man….again.  She’s been with him for 25 years.  She’s left him a few times.  This time is different.  Again.  Only this time, I think it is.  She’s going to have counseling.  I hope it’s true.  It’s tiring to always have to worry about whether or not we’re going to get the phone call that he’s killed her. 

I don’t know how people can live in abusive situations.  I don’t know how people can abuse one another.  I don’t know how kids are produced in abusive situations. 

I hope that my aunt really makes the change.  I hope that she stays away from this dude.  I hope that she gets her life together and moves forward with her life. 

She’s moving back to PA so that she can be closer to her kids.  She says that she won’t go back to the house until she talks to the counselor.  She sounds different this time.  She’s not going back because of his daughter…she’s not being emotionally blackmailed this time.

Will it happen?  Only time will tell.  Please pray for her and her kids.  And for him.  (And for me, asking for prayer for him is like asking for prayer for Satan.)

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