Korean hostages released!

The south Korean hostages have all been freed!  Thank God!

I cannot wrap my head around the “why?”  Why did South Korea agree to end all missionary activities to Afghanistan?  Why did the Taliban agree to give them up after 43 days?  Why did South Korea pulling their 200 troops out of Afghanistan solidify the deal?

Then come the “whats?”  What power was transferred to the Taliban as a result of the agreement?  What will the world look like if we give in to every terrorist organization?  What will the Taliban do next?  What does God think of the deal?  What will happen to South Korea as a result of this decision?

I do not think that the Christians in this situation are the villains.  As a matter of fact, I believe that the wrong group is being held responsible.  The Taliban is a terrorist organization.  They kidnapped 23 people, killed two of them.  Dead.  Or have we forgotten this?  Afghanistan needs more medical facilities.  It needs a better infrastructure.  This group was providing for those needs.  Yet, because they are Christians, they were in the wrong?  For all of you logical types, 2 +2 does not equal 4.  I wonder how the government of South Korea can justify villifying its own people making a positive impact in Afghanistan. 

I will not lose sight of the fact that God worked a miracle here.  Who would have thought that the Taliban would cave and release these hostages?  Maybe they are not as strong as everyone thinks.

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