How great is our God? Read on….

Have I told of the wonders of God in the life of my church?  The time has come when we had to part ways with the movie theater that we’ve met in for the past 2ish years.  My pastor went to the township and put the wheels in motion.  “Somehow” our application for meeting in a school got put on the top of the pile.  Turns out that an angel got its wings….I mean a church got its CO to move into its building from a school.  And another church needs space and is going to move into their old space.  And…you guessed it…we are moving into their space.  So, on Sep 16, we’re moving, baby!

Hoopefully you keep reading.  ‘Cause that’s not even the good part yet.  For the move, we need children’s ministry stuff.  We currently don’t have the facilities for CM.  So, we put out the challenge to the leadership team…we need XYZ.  We also need a new sound board so we can take our sound to the next level and start podcasting.  And we need a trailer for all of this stuff.

So, the small God that we serve (obviously sarcastic people….) has provided us with so much more than we even asked for.  God provided a trailer that is twice what we were even considering for purchase.  He provided a whole bunch of CM stuff.  AND…He provided a 32 channel sound board with a live CD recorder.  Oh yeah.  He also provided a whole bunch of rolling containers for all of our stuff.

If you are in a place where you are questioning God, keep asking Him questions.  Keep asking.  What I’ve learned in the past two days is that God truly wants to give us more than we can conceive. 

And…the best is yet to come!

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