Animal rescue

10402250_rehab_cen-241.jpgLast night my sister rescued a baby squirrel.  Apparently it had fallen out of its nest onto our street.  She called animal rescue and got some apple-flavored pedialyte for the little guy (or gal.)  This morning we took the squirrel to an animal refuge in Medford, a town not too far from my house.  We had to be there right as they opened so that he could get proper care (and so she wouldn’t nag me to death.)

Something I love about my sister is her compassion.  She genuinely loves animals.  And plants.  And people she doesn’t know.  (Just kidding…she loves her family to death.)  I felt bad for the little orphan, but I would have taken it to the local animal shelter and would have been done.  She really went out of her way.

So, though I didn’t go to church, I learned a thing or two about stewardship of the animals that God has placed on earth.  And a lesson on compassion.  From a very unlikely source.

One thought on “Animal rescue

  1. I can vouch for her love and compassion for animals, she should become a Vet – that is her true calling!

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