car, truck and boat

It is way too quiet here in the office.  I’ve listened to three sermons.  Good stuff…Brian Houston, Perry Noble and Craig Groeschel.  All of them had time as either a point or as a theme.  We only have this moment.  Seasons.  During the first one, I smiled and understood what God was confirming.  During the second, I shook my head and thought I must be dense.  During the third one, I got up and looked out the window to make sure that Philadelphia wasn’t flooding. 

I love when God drives home a point. 

The only bad part about listening to those sermons is that I have the itch to preach.  All in God’s time.

2 thoughts on “car, truck and boat

  1. I wathched Perry Noble’s sermon last night about Hell…It was good…He started out the message by people bringing out a coffin…He was inside…

    good stuff…

    And you are right..when God want you to preach, you won’t have to look very far…The opportunities will come your way….


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