Corporate America

chess-board.jpgI have a request.  If you know me, and you have a problem with me, please address it with me.  Especially if you and I have a relationship.  Please don’t send someone who barely knows me to deliver news that you know will upset me.  Please do it yourself.  Because sending someone else to deliver your message, well it erodes a bit of the trust in our relationship.  How do I know that you are going to keep the promises that you have made?  How do I trust that you will keep your word when you cannot deliver the tough words yourself?

My boss sent someone who doesn’t know me well to tell me something that he knew would be disappointing to me.  That makes me disappointed in him.  Especially because he knew before he flew off for 10 days and didn’t tell me himself.

But…that is life in corporate America.

2 thoughts on “Corporate America

  1. Have you spoken to your boss about how this was handled? I think it is a good point you are making and it would serve you best to let him in on it.

    briggitte ^i^

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