Lunch time with my Maker

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Today I took my lunch break in a historic church half a block away from my office.  This church is breathtaking.  I have all intentions of going there everyday for my lunch break.  During the summer, they open up the sanctuary so that you can take a personalized tour or meditate.  From the startled look on the woman’s face, I got the impression that not too many people take the church up on the offer.  What a shame for the thousands of people who walk by daily.

I love being a church that meets in the marketplace.  One of the biggest mistakes that the church has made is forcing people to come to the church rather than the church going to the people.

That being said…there is something about being inside of a church that is several hundred years old.  The stained glass.  The worn wood.  The smell of the place.  Knowing that hundreds, thousands of people have been there before me.  The sense that God has shown up.  The sense that God is in his house.

So, as I sat in the pew of the church, I was overwhelmed by the presence of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  I know that God had met me right where I was…even in a Presbyterian church 🙂

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