What do pastors do?

Today I was walking back from lunch with a friend, and she asked me a question that stunned me.  “Deneen, what do pastors do?”  Wow.  How does one answer that question?  Seriously. 

We were talking about school.  I was really excited that I was able to complete my “financial check-in” yesterday.  I’m one of those people that likes to have all of that stuff done early.

Anyway–somehow I got to talking about going to seminary to be a pastor, and she asked the question.  I had trouble answering the question.  Not because I don’t know what pastors do.  It’s just that there are so many things that pastors do that it is difficult to answer succinctly.

So, I said, “Well, they do weddings and funerals.  They counsel people..you know, like before they get married.  The lead people to grow in their faith…blah blah blah.”  (I didn’t say the blah blah blah part.)  I kind of went on and on and on. 

Then she asked me, “Well, what do you want to do?”  I tried to answer the question, succinctly again, but rambled and rambled and rambled. 

But…the question rings in my ears. 

I want to teach.  I want to preach.  I want to plant churches, grow leaders and watch what God does with willing hearts.  I want to travel around the world, getting to know the heart of the Father by serving His people.  I want to write books.  I want to do so many things.  The thing that I desire most in the world is to know the Father’s heart.  I want my heart to beat in time with His.  I want my breathing pattern to match His.  I want my eyes to see as His eyes see.  I want my ears to hear the voice of God, even in the midst of the static noice of my day.

So, next week a group of firends are getting together to do a Bible study.  Nothing formal.  Just grabbing a cup of joe, pulling up a Bible and seeing what God is doing in our lives.

Baby steps, Bob.  Baby steps.

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