The Holy Spirit

dove01.jpgToday I got drawn into a conversation, a dialogue about the Holy Spirit.  I’ve always just taken for granted that the Holy Spirit is alive, well and dwells within me.  I know that there was a distinct moment when He and I entered into relationship, but I can’t give you the date and time.  I remember life before Him and I now know life with Him.  Much like I remember life before Christ, and I know life with Christ.

I have a special place in my heart, in my life for the Holy Spirit.  I know that God the Father created the Heavens and the earth.  I know that Jesus gave His life so that I could live, so that I could enter into relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  But I’ve always, since I can remember, leaned on the Holy Spirit.  He has been my Comforter in difficult times.  He has given me power, discernment, strength when I had none.  When I pray, I expect that my prayers will be answered.  When He gives me a word for someone, I expect that it is what the person needs to hear.  For some reason, I’ve never doubted the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I’ve just walked in them.

Please do not mistake me.  I am so far from perfect that it makes me cringe.  And I know it.  But what I also know is that God uses the imperfect.  Those of us who are imperfect know that we need Him.  But I also know when He is the One in control of what I am saying, what I am doing.  It is only with Him that I walk in any confidence at all.

Where am I going with this?  I believe that the reason that there are so many questions and theories surrounding the Holy Spirit is because people are afraid of Him.  They are afraid that if they allow the Holy Spirit to control their lives, they will be forced to hop around the church sanctary like tigger, or make some cackling chicken noise or lose control over their bodies.  The Holy Spirit is a gentleman.  He does not want you to look like a crazy person.  Others are afraid of losing control of themselves.  Chew on this.  After the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus, He began to perform miracles

I assure you that the Holy Spirit is gentle.  He is symbolized as a dove when He descends upon Jesus (Read John 1:32-34.) 

Lord, I pray that You would make yourself known to each and every person whose eyes peruse this page.  Let these people know not only You as Father and You as Son but also You as the Holy Spirit.  Let not my words be seen on this page but Yours.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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