lightbulb.gifSomething hit me today. A light bulb went on. 

Lately I have been eating, drinking and sleeping two things:  church and work.  I’ve probably commented on it before, but I think a lot about these two things.  A whole lot.  As a matter of fact, in church, I was talking to someone about dental implants, about surgery and got the number to the dentist for whom she works so that I can pass his information off to one of our sales reps. 

And then I went to lunch with a friend and we talked almost nonstop about work, about church, about what God is doing in our lives.  We are both passionate about seeing where God is going to take this church to which He has called us.

But…in all of my passion, in all of my Peterness, I think that my dedication to this place in which I serve may be lost in translation.  I want to make this church work.  Not another church.  I want God to use me in this place.  I’m all in.  I want to make my pastor’s life a joy–I want to do whatever I can to free him up to be the man, the pastor that God has called him to be.  But I think that my zeal may have muddied my intentions.

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