Fruit: Faith

peaches.jpgTwo of my favorite passages in the scripture are when the Israelites come to the Red Sea and the Jordan River.  I can’t imagine what must have been going through everyone’s head as the huge bodies of water.  If my pastor lead me to a raging river or a sea and told me to put my foot in and cross, I’d laugh politely and….what?  Because I have a point of reference, I’d like to think that I would put my foot in the water and…hope for the best?  remember that God has already dont this and believe that He’ll do it again?  do it out of obedience?

A few weeks ago when I was planning the picnic, it looked bleak.  I had a long list of places for my church to serve and 1 volunteer.  Me.  Noone else had signed up, and I kept saying, “Yes, of course we can do that!”  After the first day of sign-ups, I was looking into human cloning and fast.  Pastor John came up with the idea to give out post cards so that people could sign up during the announcements.  All of a sudden, I had tons of volunteers.  I had too many volunteers. 

Point.  There is a point.  I could have thrown in the towel.  I could have made one phone call and we would have been relinquished of our duties.  But, I kept saying, “Yes, of course we can do that.”  And God provided a wonderful group of people with hearts that say, “Yes, of course we can do that!!!”  God parted the Red Sea.  God parted the River Jordan.

I leave you with this encouragement.  Go ankle deep in the sea, in the river and see what God will do.  I know that God is challenging me to go ankle deep on a few things in my life.  I know that I’m not alone.  Where is God challenging you?  Take a risk.  It’ll pay dividends.  If you don’t believe me, ask Voorhees Township.  They’ll tell you.

One thought on “Fruit: Faith

  1. We have so many examples in the Bible of God’s faithfulness in all things. When we read those passages, why do we NOT think He can still accomplish ALL things today. He has never failed & He never will. The problem is US!!! We say we have faith…but do we? God is awesome & when we allow Him to demonstrate His power, we are never disappointed. Look at what He did with you..He never does the “bare mimimum”…you had more volunteers than you needed!!!! The abundance of God is beyond all understanding!!

    As I have told you before, your blog each day provides much “food for thought”. You are a great source of spiritual encouragement.

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