Friday download

Blgging is interesting.  Seriously.  Today I think I had hits from just about every continent.  And I never left the East coast of the US.  It is a small world after all 🙂  God gave me a vision a long time ago to preach the gospel on every continent.  I assumed I would accrue stamps on my passport.  I never fathomed I’d be accruing hits on a blog.


Apparently I did not commit career suicide yesterday.  Today I was given a pretty big research project.  I’m excited.  I don’t know what this whole “career” thing looks like. 

I’ve had preconceived notions in my head what my life would look like at certain points.  What I am living at 31 looks nothing like my vision.  It’s a good thing that God is God.  ‘Cause He keeps me on my toes.

Sunday is going to be a wonderful day.  I foresee being very, very busy.  The township has added to our activities at their picnic.  I have a popcorn machine in my living room.  The kids are DYING to pop some corn, but I explained that they cannot.  I may see if I can borrow my sister’s camera so that I can post some pictures here.  

Well, I have to get to bed.  5:30 comes really, really early. 

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