Admin day

Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  I had no expectations for the day…just thought it would be another day, filled with the new coffee I bought for the office last night.

This morning I was surprised.  My boss bought me really pretty yellow/red/orange tea roses & breakfast, and wrote me a really sweet card.  I was seriously shocked.  I’ve been an admin for many of the years that I’ve worked, and I’ve never had anyone blink an eye.

So, I’m sitting at my desk this morning, still shaking my head, and I hear Pastor Kyle’s voice in my head.  “Deneen, you need to learn to receive.  You can’t always give.” 

I was in England with a mission team seven years ago.  Some stuff went down, and I was talking to him outside of a McDonalds.  I was excited because I had the opportunity to speak into his wife’s life, and I had the opportunity to watch God move in her life.  But…I was working so hard (Martha) that I was not receptive to what the Holy Spirit was trying to say to me.  Every once in a while his words ring in my ears.  Especially when I am surprised by the generosity of someone.  Especially when someone recognizes something that I’ve done in secret–ie not wanting to be noticed.

This piggybacks what I said yesterday.  When you do something, anything, for the glory of God, to honor Christ, not yourself or even others, God recognizes it.  Our purpose on Earth is not to minister to others; it is not to gain material possessions or wealth.  Our purpose is to minister to Jesus.  How do you do that?  By ministering to others’ needs. 

Paradoxical, yes.  Wrap your head around it.  I’m trying to wrap my head around it every single day.

One thought on “Admin day

  1. Very well said…I have had to learn how to accept blessings from others…It is not a skill that I was born with…I always want to be the one throwing the blessings…I’m glad you allowed your boss to be a blessing…It can minister to him right where he is at…


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