The grace of God

Yesterday I received a new understanding of the grace of God.  I was walking down the streets of Philadelphia, and all of a sudden, the realization of God’s grace washed over me like a sweet spring rain.  I was overwhelmed.

It’s been a really tough couple of weeks.  Work has been very difficult.  Home has been more than difficult.  Church has been frustrating.  I was sick for 5 days.  And through the adversity, my base nature came shining through like a pimple on prom night.  Some of what I saw was good.  Some…not so much.

The good stuff.  I find that much of my frustration is because I want to see God move.  I want to reach the unreached people of the world with the gospel.  I want to reach the unchurched people around me…I want them to know the love of God.

The bad stuff.  I found myself frustrated with people who are close to me who are hurting.  I found myself with a bad attitude, not representing Christ, but myself instead.  I found myself fighting with my boss rather than allowing God to work out the details.  In short…I found that I need to extend the grace that was so freely, at such a high cost, extended to me.

So, yesterday, when the grace of God overwhelmed me, I wanted to fall to my knees on Market Street and sing at the top of my lungs.  Because I wouldn’t do well with an inside the walls prison ministry or an inside the walls ministry to patients in a mental health facility, I let my spirit do the singing.  Quietly yet loudly, deep within me, hopefully resonating in the heavenlies.

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