Racism and sexism…politically charged post. You are warned.

I know I’m late in making this observation.  But I’ll say better late than never.  And the reason that I’m commenting is because it was part of my conversation this morning at work.

The comments that were made about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team enraged me…from the deepest place of me.  Part of me wants to live in la-la land where everyone loves one another, where racism and sexism do not exist.  But we live in a racist, sexist society.  I am glad to know that man is being fired or cut from many stations.

I am not a feminist.  Know that.  I believe in equal pay for equal work.  I’ve yet to experience that in corporations or any other companies, but that is another story.  But when I hear women referred to as “ho’s” I want to swing my fist and connect with someone’s face.  That is why I do not listen to rap music, or any music with lyrics that make women sexual objects.  If Imus is being fired for making those heinous remarks, why is America not standing up to the rappers and other “artists” who objectify women and speak of them as pieces of meat rather than women?  I smell a double standard.

I have one final question.  If NBC is firing Imus for making derogatory comments about 10 people, how can ABC  justify allowing Rosie O’Donnell to keep her job when she consistently insults our soldiers overseas and makes slanderous remarks about our government.  Any answers?

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