UPS Vent

ups_truck.jpgToday I learned why women should not have certain jobs.  I was served a portion of humble pie after my post yesterday.

We received a shipment of the items from our trade show last week today from UPS.  In case you do not live in the northeastern part of the US, we are having a snow/sleet/rain mixture falling from the heavens today.  The UPS woman called me in distress, requesting that someone come downstairs to help her carry our boxes.  What happened is I, the non-UPS woman worker, hired to make coffee and order office supplies, carried the majority of the boxes up the slippery stairs and into the office building.  Yeah. 

If I didn’t feel so bad for the woman because of the weather, I would probably call UPS.  I’m guessing, though, that when she was a little girl, she never dreamed of growing up and schlepping boxes for a living.  So, I’m going to cut her some slack.  I don’t envy her.  Makes walking to the post office in this weather seem like a piece of cake.

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