Comcast Center, new people and more

comcast-center-construction.jpgToday was a busy day in our office…our new sales guy from Korea started.  We also had two engineers from Korea visiting our office this morning…we were filled to the brim with people!  As always, lunch was fun.  It is interesting to watch my coworkers interact while breaking bread…or in this case, pizza.  We laugh quite a bit.  

Something that strikes me is how similar sales/marketing are to evangelism.  I tend to understand the sales side of things because I am relational/missional.  I never would have put those labels on myself until recently.  I shock myself when I start speaking about sales tactics…and I realize that I am laying out our outreach strategy to Voorhees.  It turns out that everything does tie together

I found the Comcast Center today.  It’s been eluding me, but today I tackled it.  OK…I didn’t really tackle it.  And you can see it from NJ, so it wasn’t really hiding.  It is going to be a beautiful building in a great location.  Our manager is talking about trying to rent office space there.  I hope that it comes to pass.  It would be great for him…not far from where he lives.  And it would be great for me.  As much as I enjoy being in Rittenhouse Square, I would love even more to be in the financial district, downtown.  There is a buzz in the city when you are in the center of it all.  I guess I am a city gal.

Today was a tought day.  I feel like I walked around in circles all day, not accomplishing too much.  Plus there was some sort of something going on with me.  I don’t really know what it was.  I was trying to figure out what was different this week from last.  The only thing I can determine is that I ran around a lot more this weekend than I did last.  I learned the importance of a sabbath. 

One thought on “Comcast Center, new people and more

  1. To address your point on evangelism….I love Acts 17…Paul in Athens…The scripture says that he was meeting people in the market place….Paul went out to the streets to hang out with the pagan people of Athens….

    The brothers and sisters up north understand the word “marketplace”…I remember my first and only trip to Philly…Besides the Rocky steps, the markets downtown were the coolest part of my visit….All the different people…Man what a mssion field…

    Use those seemingly noneventful times to share your faith…Faith and pizza go great together…

    blessings from Georgia…

    chill, lGlp

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