Thailand? Any takers?

thailand.jpgDoes anyone know of any dentists who would like to learn how to place dental implants into patients and who would like to travel to Phuket, Thailand and Seoul, South Korea in April?  If I can recruit 10 dentists, I can do on the trip with my company.  I can see myself enjoying Thailand and Seoul. 

5:30AM came much earlier today than it usually does.  I am sooooooo tired.

Colleen told me how to fix my mp3 player, so I was able to listen to some sermons today via podcast during my commute.  I love technology.  Erwin McManus’ new series on Soul Cravings….good stuff, my friends, good stuff.  The Catalyst podcast with Craig Goeschel from was great today as well…just what the Doctor ordered, if you will 🙂

I’m enjoying work this week.  I’m using a bunch of skills that I learned from C&T in the marketing department.  I actually enjoy sales training.  I’m going to work on applying those concepts to spiritual matters…such as outreach and evangelism.  Hopefully my brain will begin functioning again soon. 

For now, I’m going to get to sleep early.  Ministry roundtable tomorrow night.  If I don’t get some more sleep, I’ll be of absolutely no use for discussion tomorrow.  Unless of course Eric makes his coffee.  Then I’ll be of no use for work on Thursday morning…or Friday morning ’cause I won’t be sleeping.

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