Lessons learned in a pediatricians’ office

tissues.jpgMy niece is sick, so Denette and I took her to the doctor’s office.  Her original appointment was for 9PM, but we were called and asked to come in an hour early.  So, we went in at 8, and were not seen until after 9PM. 

You see…my sister is habitually tardy.  After we were waiting about 45 minutes, she looked at me and said that she thought that she was tricked into arriving early for her appointment.  It was a funny moment…doesn’t translate so well into the blog.

The doctor thought that my sister and I were mommies.  Together.  It was a sign of the times.  A few years ago, I would’ve been an overly concerned aunt (which is the case.)  In today’s world, I am my sister’s lesbian lover.  I guess he watched that movie that Harriet referenced in church.

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