Quotable family moments in the past few days.

I love my family. Seriously I do.

This morning Nick and I had a conversation about God.

“What does He look like, Neen-Neen?”
“Well, Nick, I don’t know. The only person whose seen God face to face is Moses.”
“You said that God looks like all of us.”
“You’re right Nick. We all have God’s fingerprint on us, so looking at people gives us an idea of what God looks like.”
“Daddy says you’re a liar. We don’t all look like God.”
“Well, Nick your daddy is wrong. The Bible says God made us in His image (I read the scripture to him).”
“Neen-Neen, is that book true?”
“Yes, Nick, it is the Truth.”

So, now we all know what my brother-in-law is saying about me. Nice stuff, eh?

I’m all sorts of excited about my job, and my response has been…well, underwhelming.

“Wow. Good. That’s the job in Voorhees, right?” -Denette, sister of the employed.
“Oh, mein schatz. I’m so excited. Now you can chip a little into the house and your father won’t have it all on his shoulders.” _Oma, grandmother of the employed.
“You do know that you’ll have to pay city wage tax, right?” -Mother of the employed. (In mom’s defense, she said this a few days ago.)

It’s a good thing that I’ve been buried in the book of Romans today people. Seriously.

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