Friday recap

Wow. What a day.

It amazes me how God works things out. For the past few days, I’ve been wrestling out my faith…I know that God is God and that His Word is Truth. I’ve not lost hope in the Lord. But I’ve lost hope in so many other things. An example is the job that had eluded me for so long.

Today I woke up and had a thirst for the Word…specifically Romans. Yesterday God did a lot of personal heart work dealing with some really deep heart issues…it was a one on one kind of day, just my Father, my Savior, the Holy Spirit and me. Today, He followed up with a dose of the Word. Romans really challenged me…and the way that I see church, and the way that I see God.

A passion for the lost has been reawakened in me. A passion for the simplicity of the Gospel. I love delving into the deeper things of God, but God forbid I forget the One who allows me to walk forth with boldness to the throne of God and make my requests known.

I am so thankful that God has provided this job for me. I know that the job in Voorhees makes a lot more sense to the natural eye–the location, the potential money, the location–in terms of where God has called me to minister. But God knows my heart. He knows that as much as I love Voorhees, I feel truly alive when I walk the streets of Philadelphia. He knows that I love learning about other cultures. He knows what the growth pattern of this company is, and He knows my future. So, I thank Him for giving me the desire of my heart, which I have asked Him to do. I thank Him for giving me an opportunity to get to know the Korean culture, which is fascinating. And more than anything, I thank Him for giving me life. I thank Him for being Him.

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