Today i have a job interview with a mortgage company in Voorhees. The office is less than a mile away from the Ritz Movie Theaters (where The Sanctuary meets every Sunday) and less than a mile away from the Voorhees Twp. Municipal offices.
I’ve been praying for a job for over seven months now. Since October, I’ve been praying not for a specific job, but for a specific location. Because one of my functions to is maintain relationships with different people in the township, I want to be local to Voorhees.
Any job I take can be likened to Paul making tents. It paid the bills, but was certainly not his passion. I’m sure he made fantastic tents, just like I’ll be a fantastic administrative assistant.
So, please pray. Pray for God’s will…for the door that He wants to open to be opened. For His favor. For me not to tell the interviewer that I was a disappointment to a previous employer. ‘ll never allow myself to live that one down!!!!!
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