America runs on Dunkin

America may run on Dunkin Donuts coffee, but my car sure doesn’t!

This morning I was so excited to get to church to hear Colleen speak that I left about 30 minutes earlier than I usually do. I figured I’d stop to get some coffee, and be at church early enough to help out with whatever needed to be done and to have the opportunity to pray with her before she spoke. So, I’m driving down the road, I pull into Dunkin Donuts for my coffee. I get my coffee…life is going well…and then I get back into the car. I hear a shrieking sound, and all of a sudden, I can’t steer the car. Well, I can, but it’s really, really, really difficult.

Car troubles in our house equal anxiety. My father isn’t the most mechanical man. So car troubles take our family into insecure land. Not a happy place for us. People react differently to insecurity. My father and I become like cornered animals when we are too insecure. It’s not a pretty thing.

So after a few conversations with my father, he came to get me. I had to call Pastor John to tell him that I wouldn’t be in church, and he was so calm…and so calming. What can we do for you? Can we pick you up? He prayed.

In the ensuing 20 minutes or so, I praised God. I prayed for Colleen, for our church, for my parents, for myself. God gave me a Psalm. Psalm 34. I don’t usually go to the Psalms for comfort, but that is where God usually leads me. By the time my parents arrived at Dunkin Donuts, I was calm. Dad was calm. Mom was calm. All was well with our souls.

Mom drove the car to the shop…’cause she’s more of a woman than I. And she made me laugh and know that all was well. She mothered me, and I needed it.
So, now I sit here, blogging as Colleen is speaking. I wanted so desperately to be in church, but God reminded me that there are some things that we have to do on our own. Since God is not surprised that I was not in church, I must then assume that God knew that Colleen needed me not to be in church today. Maybe she needed my prayers from afar more than my presence.

Or maybe I needed my Savior today more than I needed church.

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