Saddam Hussein

I’ve wanted to post on this subject for a few days, but haven’t taken the time.

The other night, Saddam Hussein was hanged. I fully agree with the sentence, because of the horrific acts, the terror he inflicted on the nation of Iraq. Because of the thousands of people who died, at his order or by his hand, because of their ethnicity, because they did not win a gold medal, because he was having a bad hair day.

But, when I heard that he died, I wept. I wept because there is another soul in hell. I wept because there are so many people on their way to hell. Because noone has told them. Because they cannot see the glory of God throughout the earth. Because they believe the lie that Islam is truth. Because their hearts have been hardened by life, by negative experiences in churches or with the Church.

So, this year, as I work on surrendering my life more wholly to the Lord, I want my prayer life to be radically transformed. Lord, may I not be so short-sighted to only think of myself, my friends and my family. May I daily be reminded of the billions of people who do not yet know You.

One thought on “Saddam Hussein

  1. I am so proud of you.
    My heart is grieving for this also.
    My prayer life also become more aggressive.

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