Today I was at the library, helping my niece and nephews find some books to expand their brains and focus their minds on something other than their DS’s. As I entered the door, I saw a book that I’d intended to read somewhere down the line. Revolution by George Barna. I heard about it on the Catalyst podcast. Good stuff.

On one of the first nine pages of the book, he asks his reader to read through the entire book before passing judgment. I almost passed judgment before I got to page ten. But I pressed through because I almost felt as if I had made a commitment to follow through.

Now, my mind is swimming with so many different ideas, concepts that I had to put the book down, for my sanity. One of the concepts mentioned is that Christians are not to be members of a church, but they are to be the church. What an amazing idea. One that many people I know are living out daily.

So far, the book is good. I’d recommend it. But, as this book has been out for a few months, you all probably know about it.

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1 Response to Revolution

  1. Dr Chuck says:

    Not always so, ma’am. And Barna does good work. I need to have a look-see at that book.

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