The Nativity Story/Christmas

What an amazing day.

The Nativity Story was a great hit. We had about 175 people, give or take a few. I didn’t know what to expect when I went into the theater. Yeah, I’d seen the trailers. But the movie was great. I only saw about 2/3 of the movie, with policing my niece and nephew and trips to the potty. But, what I saw was great.

Today was a colliding of my worlds. People from ROL were in attendance; my aunt, niece and nephew were there; people from The Sanctuary were there. Seeing Coach, Dawn, Bonnie and Joanna made me emotional…I realized how much I really miss them. But, I also realized how much I belong where I am. I wouldn’t go back for all of the money in the world.

My pastor made a great impression on my family. Isaac said, “He’s cool.” My aunt said, “He’s wicked nice.” Isaac doesn’t just say that people are cool without coaxing. So he meant it. And my aunt doesn’t like people, so when she says someone is nice, she means it.

I just found out that my parents are going to grandmom’s for Christmas day. And my sister is planning on spending the day in her jammies. So, I’m looking to be adopted for the day. I wash dishes, and I’m a pretty good cook. If you’re interested in my presence, let me know. LOL

**Edit** I’ve been adopted for the day. I have the best friends and the best church in the entire world 🙂

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