Day two…

Well, I survived day two. Not without tears. But I survived.

We had a surprise visitor today. Pastor John came to visit. What a great surprise.

I’m not really cut out for salon life. I cannot and will not make any more off-the-cuff references about business school. In a former life, I was really good at the minute details of a business. In a former life, I enjoyed the minutia. But now…not so much.

The highlight of my day, aside from talking with my pastor and the Methodist pastor in Hammonton, was talking to a man who was drinking a beer “covertly” out of a brown paper bag. And talking to random people this morning at the train station who just needed to talk. That is the stuff I was made to do.

Ironically, that is what, at one time, was my nightmare. I hated having to talk to people.

The lesson that I’m learning is that I cannot define myself by the “I am’s” that I have used for so long. I have a grasp on who I was. Learning who I am, who I am becoming, well that is a daily adventure. I’m really enjoying it.

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1 Response to Day two…

  1. Chill Pastor says:

    great attitude…lots of people see their jobs as just that….You see your’s as your mission field…God will send people your way just so you can encourage them…Go For It!!


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