From "reality" to faith

There are so many things that I love about God. On some days, those are the same characteristics that I hate about Him. Did I just say that? Out loud? (Not really…I wrote it.)

For the last two mornings I woke up and watched Joyce Meyer. She has been teaching on managing your emotions…something that I certainly need more than a little help doing. So, I’ve watched, I’ve absorbed, I’ve amened. I’ve read the scripture that she gave, and went further. I’ve done all the right things.

Today I listened to a podcast from in Oklahoma City. They are currently in the middle of a series about the miracles that Jesus performed. I was tuned into the one about the calming of the storm.

Today something happened that shook me to the core. And I got scared. And I got angry. And I cried.

And I remembered what it is what I’ve been learning. I remembered that God has given me these emotions, but that it is my job to keep them in order. I remembered that when the disciples were on the boat, thinking that the storm was going to sink the boat, that Jesus got up and told the waves to be still. I remembered that the JOY of the Lord is my strength.

As I write this, the salt stains from my bitter tears still remain on my glasses. But…the fear, the discouragement, the anger, the disappointment has been replaced by joy, peace and faith.

I’ve tried do hard not to ask, “Why? Why me?” Instead, I’ve told God that I trust Him. Point blank period. So…there you have it.

Be careful of what you learn. Because you are bound to have to put it into practice.

I’ve not arrived at a destination. But I am on the right path.

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