Job interview

Today I learned a valuable lesson. God loves me more than I give Him credit for.

I had a job interview today, and as much as I hate to admit it, I had an attitude…and not a good one. I was having a pity party of one. But, I put on my big girl clothes and went on the interview. As it turns out, the position was filled. I was really happy. Teaching science to middle school kids is a tricky thing. You have to be passionate about science, patient, and have a real sense of humor about the whole thing. As much as I love science, I would have been in way over my head. I don’t like to do things that I know I am utterly unqualified to do.

Even as I wrote that, I started laughing. I am utterly unqualified to do most of what I am doing right now. Somehow, God keeps blessing the work of my hands, and the endeavors are successful.

Back to the work front. In September this school is opening up a computer lab, and they will need a teacher to run the lab: create curriculum for the kids, teach it, pick out the programs to teach the kids. Here’s the kicker. The principal is interested in talking to me about the job. I think that is something that I could do.

God’s given me a gift to start things, get them up and running and pass the baton onto the next person. Even better, I would be able to participate in the state of NJ’s alternative route to teaching wherein I would be mentored for two years by the school, continue my education to get my MA in Education, and become fully qualified to teach anywhere.

Is this something that will be of interest in a few months? I don’t know. But…it is nice to see that there are doors that can potentially open if the correct situation arises. In short, it is really morale boosting to see that there is someone who looks at me and my resume and sees potential, not drifter.

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